New Cancer Detecting Bra For Breast Cancer Detection

This Bra may be a step forward in easy breast cancer detection and early intervention.
It might sound far-fetched, but the First Warning System bra is a non-invasive screening device for breast cancer that’s been in the works for over 20 years.
Now it’s just about ready for prime time.


Today’s Young Men Low Sperm Quantity & Quality

Many studies show today’s younger males have lower sperm counts, the greatest number of malformed sperm. Toxic chemicals sabotage fertility and fetal development. Causing problems to the immune system the brain, birth defects, learning abilities & behavioral problems


Health Cancer Infertility The Male Predicament, (Video)

Dr. Theo Colborn, environmental health analyst, co-author of Our Stolen Future, and founder and President of TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange), speaks about The Male Predicament. She presents evidence linking exposure to toxic chemicals in our environment


Endocrine Disruptors (EDC’s) What Are They?

EDC’s in the mothers body at conception, during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding, the child’s exposure to EDC’s from food & the environment, can determine the child’s learning ability, behavior & health. The “Catch” of the receptors EDC’s can determine the child’s future.


Fetus, Children, Cancer, Birth Defects, Health & Behavioral Problems

Having seen many “News Stories” about plastic baby & water bottles etc, I have written this article in a manner that can understood by all. Baby Fetus has receptors to catch Hormones, liken them to a baseball or cricket glove. There purpose is to catch the Male (testosterone) & Female (estrogen) hormones.


Professor Food Cans Emit Cancer, Birth Defects Chemicals (Video)

This process testing our everyday “canned food products” Bisphenol A (BPA) Leeched out of the Plastic Lining of the Canned Foods. This “Must Watch Video” is further proof that we are consuming Toxic Chemicals in our everyday food chain.


Professor BPA Plastics Causing Significant Health Problems (Video)

This video details many of societies health problems caused by Bispenol-A, an Artificial Estrogen we absorb from our environment This video featuring Professor Frederick Vom Saal who has researched Bispenol-A for many years


New York Tests Ladies For Toxins / 53 Cancer / 62 Brain /65 Birth Defects (Video)

This NBC news video is about testing women in New York for levels of Toxic Chemicals. Results show the high amount of toxic chemicals we have in our bodies from products we use every day. These Toxins levels contribute to the high level of multiple health problems

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