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I made this picture series many weeks ago, could not decide what to do.

If published & I am wrong, I will look stupid but if I am right publishing this may help others.

Read the pics for details, extra details listed below each pic.

May 2013 will be the 1st time we have been on the same side of the Sun as Nibiru.

We had M class and one X class flare as Nibiru passed over the Sun late 2012, sun activity has been quite since then.

There have been large multiple CME’s flares away from Earth in the direction of Nibiru.

NASA changed their warning of the PEAK of this Sun cycle from 2012 to May 2013.

Was the initial unknown prediction of the position of Nibiru the reason for that change???

NOTE – Look at the Date position of the Sun, Earth & Mars in Solar System to follow story

Planet pic 1 Foreword















Planet X, Nibiru, there have been so many reports.

It has always been stated that it was best observed from the southern hemisphere.

NASA, China built observatories at the South Pole for this purpose.

The Vatican took control of the Observatory in Arizona to follow the planet of our creators

The US Naval Observatory announced its discovery back in 1982.

planet pic 1a
















I went to Sydney on the 5th May for a couple of weeks due my lovely sister’s final battle with cancer, it was too cloudy to observe sunset planets on my return.

The email I sent to Astroviewer 4th May before leaving for Sydney:

I look at your Astro Viewer sky map from Newcastle, NSW Australia.

I am a novice whom has been looking for a planet.

10 days ago just after sunset (24th April at 6-15pm) I noticed small reddish planet south of Venus, but slightly higher up roughly where Betelgeuse would be in relation to Venus.

It would have to be close to our solar system to see just after dusk. Betelgeuse would not be visible to me.

I have continued to watch it on clear nights

Today 4th May at 6-15 pm it now still south of Venus & roughly now about where Aldebaran would be.

Lot of movement.

I looked at the map position of Sedna it doesn’t match, Sedna now further south & disappearing from the horizon, not visible to me.

My email is xxxdeletedxxxxx

It would be appreciated if you could respond

Kind regards John


Astroviewer reply to me.

Re Feedback concerning AstroViewer

Hi John,

Thanks for your message.

The only reddish objects in the vicinity of Venus are Betelgeuse and Aldebaran themselves.

Sedna is such a faint dwarf planet that it was discovered only in the year 2003. You can’t have spotted it with the naked eye.

Mars is far away from Venus’ position these days.

So I have no clue what other object you may have spotted.

Best regards

( name not published )

planet pic 2a
















The full Intel conversation is available at Project Camelot Portal



planet pic 3a














Shows clearly that Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun as Nibiru exits near Mars, as per Intel

planet pic 4a















Following the pics shows quite clearly that this is the 1st time we will be entering the position Mars was as Nibiru exited.

Intel states 87 to 91% chance of severe Meteor Bombardment.

We will for the 1st time be on the same side of the Sun as Nibiru.

Nibiru is still in the vicinity.

Whilst the Sun solar max started to settle in January, will it now have a double peak starting in May as predicted?

Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s)

I do believe we will have CME’s that will have some serious affects to our planet & our lives

A large Coronal Mass Ejection happened in back in 1859, the invention of the electrical telegraph network was only 15 years old and society’s electrical framework was truly in its infancy.

Even 144 years ago, many of Earth’s inhabitants realized something momentous had just occurred.

Within hours, telegraph wires in both the United States and Europe spontaneously shorted out, causing numerous fires, while the Northern Lights, solar-induced phenomena more closely associated with regions near Earth’s North Pole, were documented as far south as Rome, Havana and Hawaii, with similar effects at the South Pole.

Today’s high technology society with dependence on electricity for virtually all of our existence, would fail to operate if an event of the magnitude of 1859 Coronal Mass Ejection happened.

First to go – immediately for some people – is drinkable water.

Anyone living in a high-rise apartment, where water has to be pumped to reach them, would be cut off straight away.

For the rest, drinking water will still come through the taps for maybe half a day.

With no electricity to pump water from reservoirs, there is no more after that.

There is simply no electrically powered transport: no trains, underground or overground.

Our just-in-time culture for delivery networks may represent the pinnacle of efficiency, but it means that supermarket shelves would empty very quickly – delivery trucks could only keep running until their tanks ran out of fuel, and there is no electricity to pump any more from the underground tanks at filling stations.

Back-up generators would run at pivotal sites – but only until their fuel ran out.

For hospitals, that would mean about 72 hours of running a bare-bones, essential care only, service.

After that, no more modern healthcare.

The truly shocking finding is that this whole situation would not improve for months, maybe years: melted transformer hubs cannot be repaired, only replaced.

The full article I published in Feb 2010 about CME’s mostly based on NASA research: The year 2012 Overview – What Will Happen? PT 2

Will we have a polar shift of our North & South poles?

I dont think so, but that is only a guess, based on the fact Nibiru has already exited.

We do live on a planet where all ancient life gets buried.

Societies thousands of years ago were aware of this knowledge.

It is withheld from you & I, WHY?

Pics below of underground survival base in Turkey capable of supporting 20,000 people

derinkuyu Turkey map













Ancient underground bases are world wide.

Modern underground bases have been built in most countries around the world, not hard to find if you search.

But they are for the rich & powerful plus workers they choose.

Above ground detention centers with armed guards are in place for the “ordinary” persons. Not hard to find if you search the net.

A Plan For Survival

We all need to plan for survival, water containers, long life foods, rice, seeds, tools, shovels, torch etc.

Do your research & have a plan, think of your family.

This need will never go away.

We live on a volatile planet


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  1. Is that really going to happen. I have not seen it on the news anywhere

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